• Learning, like life is a cycle
    Focus on developing your leadership with the experience of Leadership teams @MBIIS.
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  • Solidarity matters
    Togetherness and education can unlock potential and create possibility for every pupil.
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  • Makes sense to educate
    We inspire them all to become more effective, enthusiastic and influential.
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  • Develops a love of learning
    The focus on creativity throughout all lessons.
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  • Develops a love of learning
    Children actively embrace diverse cultures within the school.
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Founded by Dr. D.P. Pandey in the year 1941 on his return from Europe. As he had a breakthrough in the field of education, when he was encouraged by Tagore's keen desire to found an insitution for educating the youth in the Himalayas. He also received accolades from Mahatama Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan. More than a scholar Dr. Pandey was a humanist who has espoused the cause of upliftment of the needy in the society, emancipation of women and efflorescence of child education in which direction he made an indelible debt.


Subject Enrichment

Providing them with subject-specific guidance on teaching strategies, access to a wealth of subject-based resources, and contact with some of the latest academic thinking in their subject.

  • Qualified teachers, ensure relevance to the curriculum and classroom practice.
  • Share best practice and engage in supportive, constructive discussion.
  • Purposeful activities and ideas you can take straight back to College.
  • Leadership programme and debate create the importance of maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum.
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What Parent's Say

Excellent project that helps discovering young talents and keep us healthy. Professional coaches and staff are doing great job!

Umesh Chudhary, Meerut

The small class sizes, and that the teacher really knows our children.

Mamta Vij, Karnal

Teachers invite at MBIIS encourage individuality in the child Learning and preparing for a learning discipline with crafts eg weaving in preparation for writing.

Rohit Sharma, Delhi

Our child led, with lots of physical activity and fresh air.

Suman Yadav, Ghaziabad

At Manav Bharati, Mussoorie, the focus is on social and emotional development as well as academic.

Raman Raj, Lucknow